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My stained glass journey starts with making a mistake!

We decided to shut in our porch area and put in a new door made of beautiful native timber. I made the order but when the door came I was confused .. There were no windows in the door like I ordered. 

Checking my emails again it was all my fault - I had ordered the wrong door!

I knew my husband could cut out the holes in the top panels for windows and decided I wanted them stained glass!

I started to google and research how I could do this myself. I purchased everything I needed and drew up some designs.

As practice I thought it might be best to make some suncatchers so I could practice my cutting, grinding and soldering skills. 

Well I was then hooked - I made a lot of mistakes and gave away all of first pieces to family and friends. I am now confident in my design and execution skills and have so much fun trying new things!

All of my designs are original and I draw up myself. This sets my pieces apart from others as they're all original one of a kind pieces. Every piece will be different as they're hand made and some glass has beautiful imperfections.

If you're interested in owning one of my pieces head to the shop page and have a look - if you're interested in a custom design get in contact and we can start the design process!

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